Hi, I'm a transplant Coloradoan living with my beautiful wife and two sons just north of Denver. Software and technology is my passion. I love the way it complements our lives and allows us to be connected as a society like never before. My background comes as a classically trained graphic designer and typographer. With the release of the iPhone in 2007 I quickly shifted interests into the emerging world of software applications and other digital technologies. My first start-up was joining a group of MIT engineers building new ways for non-profits to interact with their supporters in those days. We worked hard and shipped some great value, eventually being acquired by Rakutan. Fast forward to today, and I've now had the honor of helping five start-ups reach their business goals. While I'm no longer sleeping under my desk and working 80-hour weeks in our old South Station studio apartment anymore, I still bring the passion and experience I learned early on in my career. In early product development, experimentation combined with pixel perfect solutions is essential to our success.

At home I love drawing and creating art with my boys. Sometimes that means drawing Elmo or Lego Batman over and over and over. I don't mind at all. I love seeing their own growing creativity and look forward to where that takes them as they grow older. Beyond art and technology, I've been a lifelong player and fan of soccer(football). When I get the rare early morning chance I love catching a Premier League match. Truly a beautiful game. Even more rare these days is the chance to get back to nature photography. I've always found capturing quiet moments out of doors seems to re-energize the soul like few other endeavors. Someday when I retire I'd love to invest more of my time back into this passion.

Life is not a one act play. That's how one of my CEO/Mentor's put it. I really believe this. We are the sum of our experiences. I have been fortunate to learn throughout my diversified career. I've worked on B2C and B2B, In-House and Agency, SaaS and One-Time Purchase, and more! I know what's worked, and what's not. Design thinking is a tool that I share with all my teams as a way to understand what is most important to a business regardles of where they are in their journey. It's these tools and methodologies that energize me. Helping teams and businesses grow is my calling. Now let's get to work!