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Case Study: FullContact

Gmail Extension

FullContact designed and developed a chrome extension for gmail users to get a better picture of their most important people. You can view the extension live here. Users can download the extension on the free FullContact plan with up to 1,000 enriched contacts. After that they can sign up at $6/month. Our work on the design side was to create a compelling experience for gmail users to be able to better interact with their contacts.

When we analyzed our customer data what stood out was that 2 out of every 3 customers were either an owner/founder of their business or a CEO. The theory is that super networkers get the most value out of the FullContact extension and address book app. Our enrichment functionality automated what in the past would have taken precious time away from these personas who already have very little time to begin with. Because our best customers skewed toward entrepreneurial owners we decided to optimize features they would need the most.

Our research showed that most of our users happen to be entrepeurial CEOs/Owners of their own company. The value they derived from FullContact was the ability to harness the power of their network. They constantly meet new contacts in their line of work and add them to their address book. By tagging and following up with their contacts they increase their chances of knowing the right people at the right time for the right job.

Basic contact information available at a glance when a CEO is going through his or her inbox is crucial. They might need to quickly answer, "Who is this again?" A name and a photograph can help these CEO-types quickly remember who this person is and more importanty why they matter. Additional information such as email, phone number, or physyical address can help them reach out and potentially personalize their message to let their contact know they care. Some of our best customers understood that investing in people can be more valuable than gold.

A feature often requested by our high-power networkers was being able to add in some private notes only viewable to themselves. A lot of contacts are added through networking events, and if you are meeting multiple people a day it is important to take a brief moment to add a short note to help yourself remember later what you talked about, or why they may be important to you.

Similar to notes, the ability to tag your contacts can help our users create lists to sort by and take actions from later. Perhaps you are looking for all your contacts that are Marketers or Software Developers. With our tagging functionality you can segment your address book any way you like.

The Gmail Extension is meant to first and foremost provide value to our customers. But it also is stategically put in place to direct folks back to our address book app. Our web app seen below takes the full real esate of the screen so you can access and manage your contacts with ease. It also includes a virtual assistant, contact history, and the ability to connect more sources such as iCloud, Google, LinkedIn, or a flat .CSV file.

We discovered most of our customers were Windows/PC users. Gmail was a good start, but in combination with our desire to grow our "Teams" functionality, we knew that Outlook was the way forward. To do this we would need to think about how to tap into the larger business segment beyond just startup CEOs.