Product Management & UX/UI Design Leader

I help PMs and Designers define, create, and ship delightful user experiences for their organizations.


My Areas of Expertise:

User Experience Design (UX/UI)

I believe in always keeping the user at the center of our work. Design to me is problem solving in which the form follows function. By understanding our users' frustrations and desires we can uncover a minimally viable design to build on top of.

User Research

I’ve conducted countless user interviews and usability sessions to collect crucial feedback on our work. A partnership between PMs and Designers is fundamental to creating an environment where we follow data, always over opinions.

Product Management

I specialize in design-driven product management. Our teams create business solutions that are informed from both data and context. We use user feedback to ship, improve, and repeat our processes until our goals are reached.

Project Management

Speed to delivering value is the single fastest way to grow. I coach teams on cutting scope until we have something viable to put in the hands of our users. By focusing our energy on what provides value today we can iteratively grow the business.

"Dave is curious and thoughtful in his execution and is excellent at functioning within a hybrid design and product management role.

He seeks continuous improvement in the product UX design, moves quickly, creates high fidelity mockups, listens to feedback from internal and external customers, then factors in any technical strengths and/or limitations for the next iteration. "
Chris Harrison / CEO, FullContact (Denver, Colorado)

Case Studies

Take a look at a few of my most recent projects.

Product Management

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Design Management
Embedded Teams

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